What is The Law of Attraction and what it is not has been something that even people that teach this stuff sometimes have a hard time articulating. What is important is to realize that LOA, is not something you get to use, or a degree you earn and have it for the rest of your life. It is a moment to moment vibration.


LOA is a force of nature. It is a Universal Law. We don’t use gravity or electricity, we just happen to abide by their rules if we want to have a happy outcome, and when we do not abide by their rules bad things happen, and it hurts a whole lot.


Is LOA a religion or does it replace any religion? Is it against or for any religion? I used to think this was the most ignorant question I had been asked, but I realize, especially in this day and age where there is so much freedom and so much information and the desire to self-actualize, people are just being careful. Just like believing that there is a force called gravity is not for or against any religion, LOA is nothing of sorts. I am no theologian, in fact I am Buddhist, so I am by no means an expert of anything having to do with religion. The way I understand it though is that the same Supreme Architect that created this Universe, also put in place laws like The LOA and gravity.


Can you think your way out of or into anything? Well yes, and no. The LOA is more of a vibration of your feelings than your thoughts, but with practice our thoughts, can in many, not all cases, lead to a certain feelings. The extremes are where students get lost and frustrated. If you are in a situation that has so much momentum in a given direction, your thoughts alone will not be able to turn the events on a dime. This is why teachers like Abraham (Abraham-Hicks.com, my source for everything LOA) advise us to try to get general when we feel bad, or the buildup of something we don’t want, and get specific when we are reveling in the joy and excitement of something we do want.

If you have any other questions let me know and I will address them.

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