Good day. I am A.J. I started this website with the help of as a way to try to spread the message that my blog at has been bringing to you since 2010, about The Law of Attraction, and specifically how it can be used to create success.  You see no matter what your definition of success is, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. How do I know this? Because I did it. Not too long ago, I was not only overwhelmed financially, but I thought my world was over. Having not passed the medical boards, and coming to accept the fact that medicine was not going to be my future career, something that I had dreamed about since I was a child,  I had developed a  terrible temper, and a sarcastic view of life in general. Thankfully I had great friends, and was outwardly charismatic enough not to have fallen into depression. The background of martial arts that I had since I was 8 years old taught me discipline. All the schooling that I had from Medical School, to Business school had taught me that there is opportunity available everywhere. Being raised by a single mother, I knew that human beings possess amazing power to adapt to challenges. I knew all this intellectually but I did not know how to apply these knowledge to make my life a success.

When I lost my first career job after medical school, I was forced to do whatever it took to pay rent, my medical school loans (that’s right they don’t go away just because you do not become a doctor), and put food on the table. At a networking marketting company Called Primerica,  I found out about a little book called THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill. Little did I know that the concepts in that book would come back to me years later in the study of The Law of Attraction (LOA). I read that book 7 times, and to this day I read it, or listen to it in my car at least once a month. From there things started to change. Through some amazing (that is what we say when we do not understand LOA) occurrences, I was able to pay off over $100,000 in student loans. An amazing woman saw in me, what I could not see, and I have been blessed with a loving marriage and 2 beautiful children that teach me something new about the Law every day. 

Our midwife showed us the DVD of THE SECRET. I was intrigued and little skeptical. I am a scientist after all.  So I bought the book and read it 3 times. I also saw the DVD WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW which was  more scientific.  Suddenly things started to click for me because I kept on testing the "law". I realized the techniques that had propelled me this far that I had learned from Think and Grow Rich were the same. More and more books and audio programs came into my hands, most of them at no cost. I read AS A MAN THINKETH, and THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM one after the other. Then I was introduced to the Abraham-Hicks books (by far my main resource when it comes to LOA) , like ASK AND IT IS GIVEN and THE ASTONISHING POWER OF EMOTIONS.  The more I read, the more I realized that I was using The Law of Attraction every day since I lost my job. I also realized that unlike many people, I had no problem making it work to help me succeed in every area of my life. I realized that I was able to look at the world much differently. I realized that if I had not been introduced to this way of thinking, I would have been devastated when my mother suddenly went blind in both eyes due to Giant Cell Arteritis. This was especially true because having had an extensive medical background I knew the history of this aliment, and the fact that it normally was not so sudden and even more rarely bilateral. My old persona would have seen it as just another crap that life dealt to a victim. But that was not the case. The situation brought my mother closer to me and also helped her be a calmer person, and in all seriousness has probably extended her life.

Since I was able to use this law effectively from the beginning I started to see how I could give back to the community. I started a blog, and a friend at helped make this website. I published my first book ROAD MAP TO LIFE: A Real World Lesson in 2010 (and many more since then on kindle). That was my second gift to the community. In that book I put together all the lessons I had learned in the 12 years after I graduated from Medial School,  in the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. These were lessons I wished someone had told me when I was graduating from High School, so I would not have made all the mistakes I had growing up in the real world.

Since then, I have spoken to Sales teams to increase their revenue and make and achieve goals, I have done phone counseling to Cancer patients who wanted to give up on life, I have talked at schools and non-profit organizations and now I am bringing you a site where you can received my newsletter based on my blog, my YouTube,  and my Facebook page in one place. I hope you will find this a great place to learn.

You can be whatever you WILL to be,

With love A.J.