The Law of Attraction does not give a $%&^ about ..... watch this video because it may save you allot of time. In this video I refer to segment intending and pivoting. These are some methods taught by Abraham-Hicks, my source for everything LOA. 

In a nutshell segment intending is setting yourself up for success prior to an event. Taking every situation as a segment and setting an intention of success. For example, I am going to meet with a customer. Assuming I have done my due diligence, either on the way or in the parking lot of the appointment I would visualize what a perfect outcome would look, feel, and turn out. Perhaps I see the customer greeting me with a smile, we joke, my product is seen as the perfect fit, and all is well. I feel a hard, confident handshake. I hear us talking about the next steps. Then AND HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, I see how that feels to ME. If my gut is saying BULL SHIT, then I need to get general. If things feel good stay specific. If things do not feel good to you, do not thing you can FAKE it. It does not work that way. Maybe become general. Maybe think about a time when you did have a good solution for  this customer. Again check to see how that feels. If you can't find one, get more general. Maybe the fact that it is an opportunity to help. You are genuinely there to see if there is a way for you and your product to help this customer. I hope you are seeing the picture.