If you are a student of The Science and Behavior of Success Using the Law of Attraction or have been aware of the Law of Attraction (LOA), you know how important meditation is to your manifestation. Meditation is not just for the ancients, where you sit on a bed of nails and chant Om. Meditation is not just for keeping you calm, although it works for that. Meditation is not just for keeping you centered, so you can make logical decisions, although you can do that. Meditation is not just for bringing wellbeing and health to your mind and body, although it does that. Meditation is the key process to bringing your desires into your reality.

              As you well know my key source for information on LOA is the Abraham-Hicks works. They teach that being able to “quiet the mind” puts you on a direct path to manifesting because step 3 of manifesting is allowing. When you calm your mind, you remove the resistance and put yourself into the “allowing mode” to let everything that you have desired, visualized, and amassed into your life. You have to be realistic, and honest about your meditation because no one can know exactly if you have or have not reached that allowing space.

              What do I mean by being honest with yourself? I have meditated since I was 13 years old. I am now 50.  Yet I can honestly say that I may have meditated a total of 5 minutes in all those years. AND THAT IS OK. This is not a competition with yourself or anyone. When I really think about it, and I am honest, I know that when I sit to meditate, or chant, or breath, my mind immediately starts to think. That is the natural state of the mind, which is why the ‘no mind’ or “muchin” is a misnomer. You can never quiet the mind. The key as we all know is to think of something that does not lead to another thought. The mind loves to link thoughts to other thoughts. That is why it is easier to chant than to just breath or try to concentrate on white noise. Even then, I find that as the practice become routine, my mind steps in. That is ok.  The key is not to get upset because then you have lost the balance. Teachers of meditation tell us to just let go of the thought and come back to the mantra, counting, white noise or whatever we are concentrating on.

              In my case, my mistake is letting life get in the way. I cannot say that in the past 40 or so years I have been consistent in my meditation practice. I meditate, then when things are stressful, and I need meditation the most, I try to cut it short to check e-mails, or take the kids to school, or deal with business issues and challenges. It is funny because doing meditation consistently is literally like someone tells you I will give you a check for $ x million if you just meditate every day. If someone showed you a check for $10 million and there was a way to measure your meditation level, would you not become serious at the expense of everything else to get it done? I like to think I would, and yet knowing what I know and teaching this stuff for over 12 years, I am still falling short. The key is though that IT IS OK. It is a process, not a degree. You cannot do this once and then you are good to go. It is a daily being in the now. Some days it is easier, and I can meditate, and get the subtle impulses that at face value are insignificant, but that I know are leading me to my manifestations. Other times I am stressed, and I get caught in the “what is real” mentality. Just because things are in my reality, I give them more weight, and I know it is not true. My “reality” is just the consequence of my past thoughts. Why do I allow this? Because I am just human.

              My only solution and advice here is to be patient and keep on practicing, gently. Be kind to yourself, and start slow, and built up your stamina just like anything else. Trust the process, and trust that it will get you there. Practice during good times. Practice during times of low stress so you get into a routine of good techniques, and good habits. That way when stress and challenges come, you are just on autopilot doing the process correctly. I hope this makes sense to you and you find value in it. I write this to remind myself of how important the practice of meditation is. If you find some value and learn from my mistakes, well then that is the icing for me and my karma. That is all I have for you today. As always, “to your success”.