One of the things that most people ask about and are confused about when it comes to using the techniques of The Science and Behavior of Success using The Law of Attraction is ethics and morality. I had briefly discussed this issue on my previous videos, but I wanted to write something using arguably the most polarizing figures in U.S. politics today. I do this not because I have the same or opposing views as Donald Trump, but rather as a focus point to make something clear.  Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The Law of Attraction does not give a $&*# about morality, what is right, what is wrong, who is right, who is wrong, God, Buddha, or anything else for that matter. It is a Universal Law. It was here 49 billion years ago when the cosmos supposedly began, and it will be here for another 49 billion years.  Just like gravity, or electricity, good people can fall or get shocked, bad people can fall or get shocked. Good people can fly in a plane or microwave a meal, and bad people can fly in an airplane or microwave a meal. If you are to succeed in anything you desire, you either must learn to use this law or stumble upon it by accident. I hope this short post that I am writing to make things clear for myself and focus my attention on what needs to be done, will help you be more deliberate in your achievements.

              Why do I believe Trump is a master at using The Law of attraction? You must look at where he came from. He basically was set up by his father for success, but that is not all. Many people who were rich gave money to their kids, and those kids went about squandering the wealth with really nothing to show for it. What sets Trump apart from those who do not succeed, is his seemingly unshakable BELIEF that anything that has his name on it, is the absolute best and cannot be bad. You just have to “read” his books or look at his media projects to get evidence of this un-wavering belief that he projects and believes. It may seem like bravado, but it is not. It is belief.

              At first, when he announced his candidacy for the president of the U.S., I, like many people thought it was a spoof. Then I turned to conspiracy theory that he was being paid or recruited by Hillary Clinton’s camp to take away the republican votes to allow her to win. Then things started to change for me. He really believed he was the best candidate suited for the job. He, like many people was tired of the political charade, and planned, and to his credit did bring about some changes that many people liked and was good for the country. Ignoring his sadistic, “my way or the highway” attitude and impetuous Twitter narratives, even though he tooted his own horn, he actually delivered. Why did he succeed then and not now?

              P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. When it comes to The Law of Attraction that is true to some extent.  When you are having a subject that is polarizing black and white, with no middle ground to dilute the vibration, the attraction of the Universe will make it so. Let me explain. If you liked Trump and are excited about his views and promises you are putting out energy for having more opportunities to see Trump do his thing. If you hated Trump and can’t stand him, you are still putting out energy for more opportunities to see him do his thing. There is no “negation” when it comes to the Law of Attraction. We have heard this example that if you keep on saying “I don’t want bills, I don’t want bills” you are attracting bills to yourself. When you say I don’t want Trump and he sucks, or he is sexist, or he is racist, guess what? You are attracting more opportunities for him to be in your reality.  

              In the last election however, the Democrats did more to concentrate on how they would help unite the country from Trumps “antics”. Trump also alienated many of the older voters with his Twitter antics. These group did not necessarily change side, but they did not give any energy for or against towards him, or rather towards a reality that held him at its focus. The energy and vibration were more balanced, or diffused, and the results showed this. Now as we approach 2024, I am wondering how things will change. Any kind of emotional vibration for or against Trump will only benefit his campaign in my opinion. Polarizing issues like abortion and women’s rights, as well as topics like the lack of any kind of fiscal responsibility in California and in the democratic party, will bring about more opportunities for those issues to be front and center. It really does not matter who is right and who is just. It is the way the Universe works. When the law of attraction was first brought to the mainstream, many teachers used examples like Mother Teresa. She is reportedly quoted as saying that she “would not attend any anti-war rallies or demonstration, but she would stand for peace.  All the programs, like war against drugs, war against teenage pregnancy, war against terrorism have accomplished is more of the same. Why do you think that is? It is common sense right. No one in their right mind wants drugs, and teenage pregnancies, and terrorism around. Then why is it that these is more deaths, due to drugs now, and there is more terrorism etc.? Because by default people DO NOT think for themselves. They follow the crowed and then get pissed, and that has a very strong vibrational power. Guess what? When you are pissed at something, you are going to create more opportunities to be pissed. The only way to change things is to CHANGE YOUR VIBRATION to focusing on WHAT YOU DO WANT AND NOT ON WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT. Simple right? Not so. Negativity has a magnetic characteristic. WE love to stand up for the poor little guy. We love conflict. If you don’t believe me, look at the highest grossing movies in the world. Better yet, turn on the news for a few minutes and see what captures the headlines. Violence, pain, drama. If 20 years ago you had told me that people could be millionaires by putting their lives on T.V. for the world to watch, I would have thought you were nuts. Reality T.V.  stars are now a dime a dozen and keep on growing. Without exception the plot is turmoil. People love to watch this.

              This is the reason that I don’t particularly care who wins or loses in politics. I don’t concern myself about stuff I cannot directly control. Plus, I live in California, wink, wink. I could not help that one.  I can only control my own emotions and what I put out there. I concentrate on things I want and not on things I do not want.  Or at least I try to most of the time. I concentrate on being happy. In the end my happiness will bring about the candidate that will make me happy. It does not matter if that candidate is a republican or a democrat. If I only care about what makes me happy and send out those vibration 51% of the time, then by law who ever happens to be sitting in the white house will bring about those things for me, or their policies will not affect me. That is just the way things work weather you like them or not. You can argue for and against this. You will prove to yourself what you believe in and concentrate on for the most part. That is what, in quantum physics, is known as the “observer effect”.  Watch the YouTube video on “double slit experiment” to learn more about it. It is fascinating. It is scientific fact. Proven facts.

              I don’t know what will happen to Trump. He is not particularly the smartest candidate, or the wisest, or even the best businessperson. He has had multiple bankruptcies and yet he is still rolling. What does distinguish him though is his absolute belief in himself, and his belief that he is right in whatever he does and whatever he puts out. It is something that I believe he was raised to believe, and it has become his default. He can, however, only control himself just like you and I can only control what we put out as our vibrations. Think about this when you start getting stressed over the next election or over whatever project you may have come up. In my case I need to remember this the next time my kid annoys me, or I don’t get a promotion, etc. Baby steps. The only thing that really matters is that I feel good right now. In the moment, every moment.  I hope this helped or at least brought a smile to your face. That is all I have for you, and for now to your success.