There has been allot of discussion on who makes a good employee, and who can bring the most value to a company. High on top of that list is always the discussion about military and law enforcement veterans and retires. There are many factors that the industry (all industries) is aware of as far as advantages in hiring someone who has had the opportunity to go through a rigorous training and been taught discipline and the chain of command. What I want to discuss in this short blog is the intangibles. The attitudes, and how it directly correlated with the science and behavior of success.

              Coincidentally the name of my training program is The Science and Behavior of Success Using The Law of Attraction. Many may dismiss the last part as fufu new age, and completely ignore this blog post. That is their choice. Being open minded and reading to the end will, in my opinion, give you insight as to why Vets, and former law enforcement candidates have a distinct advantage in the workforce. In general, these candidates are more successful in any field they endeavor than the competing candidates. In many cases even when competing with candidates that have had more experience in the field they are interviewing for, vets and former law enforcement candidates succeed more. Why is that?

              It all comes down to how people who have gone through military / law enforcement training see themselves as part of the world. In general, these candidates do not see themselves as passive victims of consequences but as active creators of their reality. It is a mentality that is essential to real life survival and is usually learned through training and / or real-life threatening experiences such as war. When a candidate is trained to risk their life, there is a certain attitude that takes over in the person. Being passive to a threat stimulus may mean death. It is not an option to give up. The mindset of, “I will make this work” is ingrained in the discipline. To use the cliché, it is a “never say die” attitude.

              I will not go into the science of how our attitude determines our success. This information is all over my website, as well as being proven over and over.  It is more than affirmations and articulating that “I will succeed”. It must be engrained and believed. Candidates that have gone through such training, have essentially proven to themselves that it is true. They have already proven that when they set their mind to something and believe they can do it, it is done. That process of proving it to the self, builds a natural confidence that is not just words deep. When a human believes with all their heart that they can do something, there is very little that can prevent them from attaining their goals. The exact science and reasoning why this happen is also expressed in my videos on my website, it suffices to say that our beliefs and attitude have a concrete way of manifesting our reality. You can see the examples of this in any high-level athlete that has overcome challenges and obstacles. This is why high-level Athletes that have proven track records are also part this article as being great candidates for any company.

              Being able to set and achieve goals is common to all three candidates. It is however, more than just knowing how to set goals. To be able to achieve goals, there has to be either unwavering desire that overcomes challenges, or the ability to concentrate on what is working when everything hits the proverbial fan. Some call this, solution focused as opposed to problem focused. It is no secret that what you focus on gets your energy. “Attention flows where the focus goes” was on a motivational poster I saw in a HR conference room recently. There are other affirmations like “your attitude more than your aptitude determines your altitude”. Why are these posters lining the modern-day workplace? Perhaps we are finally learning that there is more to success than hard work. These principals have been taught for centuries. They are not new. Many new age teachers have revamped them since 2004 and the highly successful book and movie “The Secret”. But they were taught by Napoleon’ Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Neville Goddard since the 1920’s. Perhaps just like history, industry is also coming full circle and realizing the gems of the past.

              What differentiates these candidates is that they can focus and change their attitude to be positive regardless of what is going on in their work. Regardless of what the science and behavior of success teaches, I ask you, is it not nicer to work with or have someone who can keep a positive attitude work for you? Who likes to collaborate with people that are complaining when everyone else is complains or when there are challenges? Now let me tell you what the science teaches us. There is a magic in being able to keep your attitude under your control. There was a study done on prisoners of war. Without exception those who survived always believed in their core that they would survive. They kept their mind their own. Everything was taken from them, but their mind could not be taken from them. This is what gives the candidates that I am focusing on their “special” characteristics. There is a quantum mechanics law that is referred to as the “observer effect”. The physical property of an electron changes based on the attitude of the observer of the experiment. The electron changes from a wave form to particle form when there is a camera placed on the double slit experiment. Everything around us is energy. Electrons are some of the smallest particles of energy. If an observer can affect the physical characteristics of the electron, then it is only logical to surmise that our attention can change the physical character of the material world. This, in a nutshell, is what being able to control your attitude, either through disciplined learned techniques, or innate ability to look at the brighter side of things, is what differentiates these candidates as being able to succeed.

              I hope this short blog article gives even more credence to hiring people who have had some sort of training in disciplined positive attitude. This training is engrained in military and law enforcement training. Hence veterans, athletes, and former law enforcement candidates, usually, make a more successful hire when compared to candidates who have not had the benefit of such training. Perhaps this is a reason many companies give higher points in the interview process to candidates who have had this type of background. It is a proven fact and statistically significant criteria. I look forwards to hearing the views of those who take this article and incorporate it into the hiring practice. If you want to learn more about the topic of the science and behavior of success, please visit www.ajfarzadLoa.com and go to the videos tab.