Over the past 30 years I have worked, trained, been trained, and have taken many businesses and motivation coursed relating to the work I do in the scientific and food safety arena. As a result of working with diverse and different groups and companies I am often approached for opportunities for clients to become colleagues. The question I usually as is why do you want to change employment? You maybe surprised to find out that better pay is not the first reason most people are looking to change their job.

                There are many reasons people want to leave their job, but this is not a post about that. This about what people think they should do when they are faced with those reasons and how what you think will not hurt you is actually keeping you from succeeding. One of the things I have previously talked about that relates to this subject is “how you take yourself with you” and I made a post on my website on it that may help and you can find it here AJ FARZAD/ THE SCIENCE AND BEHAVIOR OF SUCCESS - YOU TAKE YOUR $#%@* WITH YOU ( In this article though I want to dive a deeper into how you may feel when you are passed over or are for one reason or another feeling that you are NOT getting what you wanted out of a career. There is no judgement here. You may very well be discriminated towards or taken advantage of, or you may be just a crybaby. None of that matters. The results are the same and you will be surprised by the end of this article.

                If you are familiar with my work, you know that I am a student of The Law of Attraction. Being a scientist though, I do not subscribe to the hoopla and only write about things I have personally experimented with and have seen solid evidence for. So, it should be no surprise when I tell you that JUDGMENT has nothing to do with your success or failure in this matter. What is or is not FAIR means absolutely nothing when it come to personal development and making yourself bulletproof to the environment. Stay with me for a short moment and I will make it clear.

                Many people, at times I have also fallen for this pitfall, feel like they deserve to be promoted, or get a raise or be the center of attention. That may be true but if you are an employee your worth is measured by the value you bring to the company and if you feel that you are not being compensated adequately you are always free to go elsewhere after trying to negotiate with your employer. Unfortunately, the fear of change makes many people to “try to take advantage” of their situation and then justifying it by saying they have hit the glass ceiling or are not mentored etc. Lack luster performance, not giving all, you can, mediocre effort to help customers are all tactics used by people who feel they are not paid what they are worth.  BUT YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF. How? Let me explain.

                Sure, it may feel like you are giving it to the “MAN”. You are not being compensated enough so you just take advantage of the situation and do JUST ENOUGH to get by and earn a paycheck. But are you really? You may think what I will explain next is just metaphysical bull shit, and crap companies tell their employees to prevent them from being lackluster or try to motivate them, but I have been doing this way to long and have seen real life results both good and bad to think that way. You have heard the phrase “energy flows where attention goes”. As a general overview so we are all on the same page for those of you who are not familiar with my writings, everything is energy. Everything we do, think, and feel is sending, and receiving vibrational energy. Weather you like it or not, these energy transactions follow some basic UNIVERSAL LAWS that are not negotiable. They work weather you know about them or not, and weather you BELIEVE IN THEM OR NOT. The crux of the matter is that the Universe does not give a hoot to moral value, good or evil, right or wrong when it comes to energy. It is neutral and only brings more of where the attention is. I hope you are now starting to follow where I am leading you.

                When you think you are deceiving your company by just doing enough and getting paid because you think you are passed over, you are sending the energy of being mediocre to the Universe. That energy will bring you MORE OPPORTUNITIES to experience being mediocre. That means even if you change jobs, or try to outsmart your boss, you will keep on experiencing mediocre results. Said another way, YOU CAN NEVER BENEFIT FROM CHEATING. You are only keeping yourself from succeeding. It may not seem that way. You may be saying “A.J. I have seen plenty of people benefit from doing unscrupulous things and get away with it”. It only seems that way. You may thing they are getting away with, and for a short time they may, but energy IS NEIGHTHER CREATED OR DESTROYED, and it will balance out.

                This knowledge may not help you get an immediate pay raise or get a pat on the back from your supervisor. But in the long run if you give your best and try to be positive and grateful NOW for what you have, even though IT MAY NOT BE EVERYTHING YOU WANT, you will be sending the energy that will attract more opportunities to experience those positive things which may entail a raise, or better position and that pat on the back. The more important thing is that when you start internalizing doing your best, and being grateful it will become a habit that makes you a MORE VALUABLE person and not just a better employee. You will be more likable and trusted, and your customers will want to have more interactions with you. All of these energies that will come and go will result in better and better opportunities for you and the icing on the cake is that you will feel better about yourself which again translates into more opportunities to feel better. 

                The alternative is being always in a feeling of scarcity or fear of getting caught or guilt. Just like the good feeling energies these negative energies will come back and create more and more opportunities for the same. This will drain you, make you more sad, and unmotivated and the negative feedback loop will continue to damage your work, reputation and sometimes even your health. I hope this short article gives you pause to think if you are experiencing challenges at work. Best wishes for 2024 for your career and health. As always be what you will to be.