I visit allot of companies during the course of my work and travels. With few exceptions, I see allot of motivational posters. Things like “Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude” and the likes. Have you ever considered where these quotes come from? Why are companies so willing to put them all over their walls? Do they work? I did, and that is what this short post is about.

                Motivation is a double edge topic. Just like meditation. Some industries love this stuff. Some industries, to this date, 2024 think it is just a bunch of bull. I wonder what you think which is why I am putting my 2 cents in this post, and hope to generate some discussion and get some feedback.

                As a fan of Think and Grow Rich, a book that was written in the 1920s, which is still considered by many one of the best sales training books in the industry, I have to say I do believe motivational quotes and meditation is effective when used correctly. If you poll the top earners in any field, you will not be surprised to know that they have affirmations, and meditation in their tool kit and will attribute much of their success to it. Talking about affirmations and meditation is no longer taboo. In fact, it is the “in thing” these days. Most high-profile successful people from Oprah to Bill Gates, use motivational affirmations and meditate. Why is that? I can surmise an answer from the standpoint of what I do with The Science and Behavior of Success.

                It all come down to vibrations. I do not mean it from a sit on a bed of nails and chant Om, although if that is what you are into, and it works for you, go right ahead. I am talking from the scientific fact that everything is vibration. This post you are reading is just a bunch of vibrations that your visual cortex is converting to letters on a page, which you have learned means something in English. Everything in our world is vibration. You may even say things are not real, but we make them real by our interaction with those vibration. Sound of what we hear, including those affirmations is just a bunch of vibrations that our ears convert to meaningful words. What is important and something many may not have considered, is the feeling we get in response to those motivational posters, affirmations, and meditation.  I should point out that meditation also produces a vibration that is extremely powerful if we know how to use it.

                If you have followed my posts (in the video section of my website you know that I have studied and taught and used these methods for decades and I am still learning. From what I understand we attract or manifest our successes largely due to how we feel about the situation. As my main source on the subject, Abraham-Hicks, state: “we attract to ourselves more opportunities to feel the way we are feeling”. Said simply as Esther Hicks teaches it The feeling is our guide.  Now with this information you can see what I mean when I said, “if used properly”. If those posters and affirmations, and meditation make you feel good, then you are going to attract more opportunities to feel good. Presumably those opportunities then will entail you succeeding in your endeavors. If you are annoyed, or worse pissed when you see those posters and say to yourself “this is BS”, then not only they are not going to help you succeed, but in fact they will hinder your success every time you see them.

                I hope this clarifies the situation. Armed with this information you can now logically control your emotions when you see these posters or hear affirmations. Alternatively, you may want to incorporate affirmations and meditation into your daily routine but only if you can get “happy” with the practice. If you are just going to do it because other people, do it and have success, that is not going to work. You are the only person that can tell if this feels good to you. No one else can do it for you. As always, my hope is that this will benefit you, and till next time to your success.