Almost 14 years ago, I was introduced to the concept of The Law of Attraction. AS a scientist it was not something I took at face value. I did many years of research, and trial and error personally and with friends and trusted colleagues. When I was sure it was legit, and had scientific background, then I was very excited to see how much value this could bring to my work. That was a huge mistake.

                Not everyone is ready for advice. Even when people can use the information, they may not be ready for it. This is why good mentors do NOT go around giving advice. They rarely share information. They are to be sought out and asked, and even then, they are hesitant to give information that has led to their success. I found this out the hard way in the form of great damage to my career and advancement. It all worked out and perhaps I am at the right place. I share this because at the time when you are trying to bring value it is heart breaking to have the information that you know can benefit people and organizations is seen as worthless. But it is not personal. It is a lesson to be learned.

                I presume this is human nature. When I was studying the works of Napoleon Hill, and the laws of success, I remember Hill warns and I am paraphrasing “do not tell people what you are going to do, show them”. It is because people are sceptics. We are, in many ways in a world where people are taken advantage of on a daily basis. Myself included have been conned many times in my life. Even those who may care about you are going to be negative about things they do not know because they want to PROTECT YOU. That protection instinct because exponentially larger at corporate levels. Millions of dollars are spent on training programs and coaching programs to increase revenue, and if you look at them, they seem to be the exact same things that were taught 20 or 30 years ago. Unless you go outside the norm and talk to pioneers like Oprah, Musk, Gates, etc.

                It is not personal. It is just the way things are. People do not mean to be hurtful or distrustful. It is just the way of the world and the more “academic or scientific” the industry is, the more those doubts dominate the culture. My advice is to do your own thing. If you find these works helpful, use them in your own life. Maybe share them with those who are close and value your opinion. In general, I would say keep it to yourself until you have nothing to lose by sharing these techniques and knowledge.  It will work out better for all involved. I put a video blog on this topic on my site at Till next time, to your success.